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Pink to Orange Gradient


A community art project that was hosted by different institutions and organizations in Buffalo, Camillus, and Syracuse New York. The project is to discover the history of refugees and immigrants. Many people who came to the American land brought with them not only their belongings but many other things that represent their culture and heritage. We Are Immigrants celebrates the diversity in this land. The project is a traveling project that encourages all visitors to share their artistic talents to be shared on the canvas. 

Immigrant or emigrant?

Both of these words come from the Latin migrare (“to move from one place to another”), and both have definitions in English that hew closely to their etymological roots, but there is a definite difference between how you would use each one. Emigrant is used in reference to the country that has been left (“an emigrant from Canada”), while immigrant is used in reference the country that one is destined for (“an immigrant to Spain”).

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